TruMed Integrative Medicine Clinic we offer Intravenous Vitamin C treatments for Cancer treatment. Our Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Muradov, is trained in Advanced Naturopathic IV therapies.

We offer many IV Vitamin Therapies at our Integrative Medicine Clinic. A common IV we use is IV glutathione injections for skin health and neurological health: MS and Parkinson's.

The original Vitamin IV Therapy that started it all! The Myers Cocktail - great for boosting energy and so much more. At TruMed our Naturopaths have administered thousands of IV Myers Cocktails in Edmonton we even have our own formula - the advanced myers

TruMed offers Edmonton IV NAD Therapy for fatigue, longevity and withdrawal (drug & alcohol). We've seen impressive results with NAD IV injections in our Edmonton patients with many of our patients benefiting before they even leave the office,

TruMed offers Edmonton Banana Bag IV Therapy treatments for dehydration. We offer a custom Banana bag blend of thiamine, folic acid, magnesium and a multivitamin formulation normal saline for maximum rehydration for athletes, patients and partyers alike

Our Naturopaths offer Plaquex IV Therapy. It's an awesome treatment that is helpful for Cardiovascular disease, Lyme Disease and to improve Kidney, Liver & Cognitive Function. IV Plaquex can also improve skin appearance! It's often given with Glutathione.

At TruMed we love IV Therapy. We've amalgamated some of the research behind the top IV treatments we give at our Edmonton office. Take a peek at some of the biochemistry and data behind some of our most sought out treatments.